Attention Middle School Students! Jr FFA begins next week, but you need to pick up a permission slip at the greeters desk and bring it back before Tuesday! NOTE: Jr FFA is NOT part of the regular Middle School after school program. This group meets at the high school.
about 24 hours ago, Kerry Slocum
Reminder! The link to sign up for after school activities will be de-activated after school today, so make sure requests are in before 2:30 today (Wed). All activities currently end at 3:15 every day. We will inform you if we can extend them until 5, or if we add more activities. (We anticipate that Jr FFA will begin in the next few weeks, for example.) Please check back frequently, and remind students to pay attention to announcements and in lunches when they are reminded of these deadlines.
8 days ago, Kerry Slocum
Cuteness overload! This little guy will be training as a therapy dog, and he needs a name! His mom is a therapy dog in Winter Garden, FL and his dad is a Champion Show dog in Spain. Stop in at the counseling center and leave your suggestions in the box there!
10 days ago, Kerry Slocum
Attached is another upload of the activities list for middle school. We changed the file format so hopefully it will enlarge further from you; however, this is the same as the list you picked up at orientation. While we hope to offer Power Hour until 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday eventually, right now we are only staffed until 3:15pm. We will update if and when we are able to extend hours. Thank you!
13 days ago, Kerry Slocum
The deadline for signing up for 1st quarter after school activities is Sept 15. The link will be disabled after school that day to allow us to compile lists and assign staff. The sign up information is in the previous post, from Sept 7. Middle school after school activities begin Sept 20, and buses will be available. This is also being announced to students in school. If you miss Quarter 1, be on the lookout for Quarter 2 sign-ups in early November!
14 days ago, Kerry Slocum
Middle school after school programs begin September 20th! This year students will need to be signed up in order to stay, *except* in the case of special arrangements made with an individual teacher. This will need to be done each quarter. Check back for the list of each quarter's activities! Here's the link to descriptions and the form:
16 days ago, Kerry Slocum
Orientation Day Reminder: Please join us Tuesday, September 7th for a brief "meet and greet" at a time between 12-3:30 or 4:30-7 that is most convenient for you. Feel free to bring in school supplies, as you will meet your homebase teacher and get your locker assignment. Full schedules will be available on our first day of classes, Wednesday, September 8th. We can't wait to see you all again!
21 days ago, Kerry Slocum
Check out our new Welcome to 5th Grade video:
about 1 month ago, Pioneer Panthers
School supply lists are here!
2 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Watch 8th grade recognition LIVE today at 8:45AM:
3 months ago, Pioneer Panthers
ATTENTION ALL MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS AND FAMILIES: If your ONLY reason for attending school on Monday is to return your device or turn in work, AND if you have transportation to drop it off at some point during the day ON MONDAY, you are not required to attend. We would LOVE to see all of you, but we don't want to require attendance solely for things that can be dropped off. We do need those items on MONDAY as planned, though, not later in the week.
3 months ago, Kerry Slocum
ATTENTION 8TH GRADERS! The 8th grade celebration is still scheduled for this Monday, June 21st. It will be held during school in the HS auditorium. We encourage all 8th graders to attend school for the celebration. We will also be recording it and will mail certificates home for those that choose not to attend school. Any questions, feel free to email Ms. Prorok.
3 months ago, Kerry Slocum
ATTENTION 8TH GRADERS AND PARENTS: Reminder that the 8th grade group photo will be taken tomorrow (Friday, June 11) with rain date of Monday. Prints are $10, and payment can be accepted until Monday.
4 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Some reminders as we prepare to have all students on site 5 days a week (except remote students, obviously!): --Please be aware that classrooms desks will predominantly be 6 feet apart, but there are isolated stations in which they are closer. In those locations, masks will need to be worn at all times. --Students who arrive to school with drinks and food for breakfast will need to take this to the cafeteria. More students means more classroom cleaning! Water bottles are allowed for students to carry with them throughout the day. --Please be patient with transportation. Especially for the first few days, buses may be running late, as there have been major changes. --Students MUST wear masks the entire time they are on the bus, and siblings need to sit together. --The parking lot for student dropoff and pickup will have more vehicles flowing through. Please pull as far forward as possible to get as many cars as possible off Old Olean Rd. Please avoid using the access road from the high school--when it gets backed up, we can't get the buses in. --If you are picking your student up early from school, you will need to park, ring the bell, and be prepared to show ID. We appreciate all of your patience and flexibility as we navigate these changes!
5 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Middle school yearbook orders are due April 16th. Flyers will be out tomorrow, but you can order them now at and use code 58214G.
6 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Monday Mindset: Remember, the success you see is only the tip of the iceberg! There's a lot beneath the surface that goes into being successful!
6 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Join us for SPRING FEVER SPIRIT WEEK next week!
6 months ago, Kerry Slocum
spring spirit week
Remember, pictures to be considered for the yearbook are due today! They can be dropped off at the greeter's desk or emailed to Mrs. Kline at 8th graders, don't forget to turn in photos for the 8th grade video as well. You have an "assignment" in Teams for this...ask your math teacher if you need help finding it.
6 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Watch this great story that Channel 2 did about our therapy dogs! (Note that we provided some photos to them from "the old days," pre-COVID, which is why you see some in which people are not wearing masks.)
7 months ago, Kerry Slocum
Now hiring food service substitutes! Please complete the following civil service application & return to the district office, or call 716-492-9329
7 months ago, Pioneer Panthers
subs wanted