More details on the Sept. 8-11 'soft opening'

Pioneer Middle School is planning a start to school like none in recent memory.  School leaders recently shared more details on the 'soft opening' planned for Sept. 8-11.

Group A students will attend FULL DAYS both September 8 and 9. Group B students will attend FULL DAYS both September 10 and 11. Parents/guardians will NOT attend with students. (5th graders, see the note at the bottom for special instructions).

Students who will be riding the bus this year should ride the bus. Those who are being transported by parents should be dropped off NO SOONER THAN 7:15 a.m.

All students will have temperatures checked immediately upon entering the building.

During these two days, students will receive their devices and training about using Microsoft Teams and other programs they may need. Information for families will be downloaded to devices so they can view it at home.

Students will also receive more detailed information about procedures in our school and in specific classrooms (arrival, dismissal, lockers, bathrooms, cafeteria, exploratory classes, music lessons). Some of this is the same as every year, and some applies just to the hybrid model; some of it will change when we are able to return to 100% in-person instruction.

NO academic work will be given during these two orientation days. The focus will be on building a relationship with teachers and classmates, learning procedures, practicing with technology, and making sure students feel as comfortable as possible with the way school will look for at least the beginning of the year.

HOWEVER, Group B students will also download information and assignments they will need to begin their remote learning from home on September 14.

Academic instruction for ALL students begins September 14, but attendance is required during the "soft opening" as well. (100% remote students should NOT attend, however.)

5TH GRADERS:  We wish we could have had you tour the building! Many of you will be worried about getting lost and how to find your teacher, so we have a plan for you. When you enter the building, after you have your temperature checked, look for a teacher holding a "Welcome to 5th Grade" sign. That person will direct you to the library, where your teacher will be waiting; teachers will have signs, so as long as you know your teacher's name, you'll be able to find him or her. Once we have the 5th graders gathered, we will escort you to breakfast if you want to go, or to your classrooms if you've already eaten. We'll do the same thing both days of our "soft opening." 

Beginning September 14, you'll go right to breakfast or your classroom when you arrive. And don't worry--there will be plenty of staff in the halls to help you if you forget where to go! You may also want to check out the 5th grade orientation video we posted earlier this summer showing you a little more about our building.

FOR ALL STUDENTS: Our key words for this year will be PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY. We know there will be many "bugs" to work out, especially during arrival and dismissal, but we are all working hard to make things go as smoothly as possible. The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority, and we look forward to the day that we can all be back together safely in our "building of one."