This is the transcript of Ms. Prorok's robocall from 4/10/2020:

Good evening, Pioneer Middle School families and staff. This is Principal Prorok. I hope you are well and continuing to practice social distancing. I have a few important items that I would like to share out:
  • Third quarter grades will be either Pass or Incomplete. Students who get an Incomplete will have the option of contacting their teachers to see what they need to do to make up the work.
  • Some new instruction will begin on April 22nd, and teachers will be checking to see if you are doing work. Fourth quarter grades will be based on a sliding scale, from doing no work at all to doing all assignments at mastery level.
  • Please check your email in Office 365 regarding Microsoft Teams. This will be the platform that teachers will be using, and they will be sending you notifications. Your student ID is your password. 
  • Operation Device Freedom, better known as tablet pick-up, will take place at the Middle School on Monday, April 13th. Thanks to our Instructional Technology Department, Mr. Halsey, and our Board of Education, we are able to provide all Middle School students an instructional device. Middle School students in grades 5-8 can pick up their device at the Middle School on Monday, April 13th between 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. It will take place in the bus lane. This is our assigned day and time for Middle School pick-up. We will NOT be delivering devices. 
  • Please refer regularly to the Pioneer Middle School website for updates. Our number one concern is our students. We know we need to provide academic work, but we also know that during these types of crisis, we need to take care of our whole self. Please make sure that you are getting exercise, eating properly, and maintaining somewhat of a normal schedule.
  • Your teachers, Mrs. Slocum, Mrs. Minehan, and I are here to help. Contact any one of us with any major concerns. We are all in this together, and we will continue to be a Pioneer Middle School family. Continue to do your work, persevere, and be kind. I miss you and hope we will see each other soon.
Happy Easter, Ms. Prorok