HS  Picture Day

January 26th Track A and C Students

  • Those who have the following Teachers: Miss Cotton, Mr. Herron,  Mr. Noeson, Mrs. O'Hare, Mr. Riley,  Mrs. Smith (ELA), Ms. Julie Smith, Mrs. Schneider, Mr. Wienclawski,  Ms. Ziemba, Mrs. Zuniga, and Mrs. Zupo

January 27th,  Full Remote Students

  • By appointment only...  Call 716-492-9331 to schedule

January 29th, Track B Students

  • Those who have the following teachers: Miss Cotton, Mr. Herron, Mr. Noeson, Mr. Riley, Mr. Schooley, Mrs. Smith (ELA), Mr. Wienclawski , Ms. Ziemba, Mrs. Zuniga, Mrs. Zupo

March 9th

Picture Make up Day

Order pictures or picture packages online by clicking this link:   inter-state.com/order

     Use Order Code: 51356BA

Any questions please contact Beth Nickerson at 716-492-9331