Tips for Maximizing Video/Zoom Sessions

During this period of remote learning, it is important to make the most of instructional time. Here are some ways students can aid in the process:

  • Review your daily schedule for start times.
  • Be on time.
  • Have all materials ready and near your computer.
  • Log on early to make sure your technology is working properly.
  • Remain muted until the teacher calls on you. Background noise can be very distracting. We want everyone to be able to hear the teacher clearly.
  • Remember that when your teachers are sharing their screen they can’t see all of the students, which means they can’t see you raising your hand. Don’t shout out. Be patient and wait for them to come back on to ask your question.
  • Engage in the video lesson just like you would in the classroom. Sit up tall, have listening ears on and ask questions pertaining to the lesson.
  • Follow-up with your teacher or teacher assistant after the Zoom session if you still need help understanding the content that was taught. Your teachers are online all day working one -on-one with students. Take advantage of the help.