Communication is key during remote learning

For the next two weeks during remote instruction, it’s more important than ever that you communicate with your child’s teacher. Ask questions, seek clarification, and express your needs so your child doesn’t fall behind. It is expected that students do the following everyday to ensure academic success:

  • Follow the daily class schedule or academic plan provided by his/her teacher.
  • Log on to Microsoft Teams to check messages and complete assignments.
  • Join the daily Zooms/Meets to receive instruction.
  • Participate in the teacher/teacher assistant office hours to get help.
  • Attend scheduled related services/therapy sessions.

Remote learning is real school. Attendance will be taken based on participation and work completion. Student assignments will be graded and counted towards the second semester report card. 

We can do this by working together! Please reach out if you need anything.

Mrs. Giannicchi and Mrs. Devitt