2021-22 has been a challenging time, but there is reason for optimism, according to Pioneer Acting Superintendent Nick Silvaroli.

Mr. Silvaroli shared a message with staff after Superintendent Ben Halsey was placed on administrative leave June 3 by the Board of Education.

"It’s been quite a year to say the least," Mr. Silvaroli said. "We returned students to campus for in-person instruction, and resumed athletics, clubs and other school activities. We all take pride in these achievements.

"As we emerge from two years of Covid, we have also been challenged with the toll it has taken on our students academically, behaviorally, socially, and mentally," he continued. 

"We are all still devastated by recent horrific acts of hatred and violence that occurred right here in Buffalo and in Uvalde, Texas.” 

"For many it is a confusing time.  For most, it is a lot to process in a short period of time.  This applies to me as well.

"In thinking of what to share with you, I kept getting pulled back to my own personal experiences.  During uncertain or difficult times, I always look to my family as a source of strength.  They are always there by my side.  They always find the right thing to say to comfort me and reassure me that things will work out for the best.  I’ve found that even the smallest reassurance from someone who cares can make everything feel manageable again.

"With that, I am going to borrow one from the family playbook for all of us: Everything is going to be okay, and we will have an incredible finish to our school year.

 "Like a family, we will be there for each other.  We have demonstrated this time and time again over the years.  In good times or uncertain times, we will always stand together.

"I truly thank all of the talented and dedicated professionals throughout our organization for doing what they’re doing during these difficult times.   And our incredible students have shown great resiliency throughout.

"Despite what we have endured this year, we are well positioned today and for the future.  I believe in us, and because of all this, I believe in a successful Pioneer future," Mr. Silvaroli said.