foyer entrance

The Pioneer Capital Project Team has entered the next phase of the 2020 renovations. Having relocated the Pioneer High School entrance two weeks ago to allow for further work on the expanded foyer, the team is now preparing to raise the foyer roof.

According to Clerk of the Works Dan Drozda, the first step is removing the existing rubber membrane, roof deck, and some structural steel members in the front foyer area. 

"With the roof and deck being removed from the front foyer it will expose this area to the elements as it was during phases of its original construction in the late 1960s and early 1970s," he added.

Drozda said the contractor will be taking measures to protect the remainder of the building from inclement weather. This will include hanging large sheets of reinforced plastic over the existing back wall of the foyer, including the auditorium exit doors.

The construction team is planning to reinstall the roof deck and new roof membrane in a couple of weeks and get back to a weathertight condition as soon as possible. Visitors to the high school will still enter near the school store and math classrooms. We apologize for any inconvenience as we re-imagine the high school entrance.