Pioneer has introduced changes in procedures for Covid-19 isolation, quarantine and contact tracing.

Superintendent Ben Halsey announced the changes on Tuesday, January 11. His statement is summarized below. 

PLEASE NOTE:   These protocols to be followed starting Wednesday, January 12,  as the New York State Department of Health has issued new guidance for individuals who test positive for Covid-19, and individuals who have been exposed to someone who is Covid-19 positive.  These guidelines have been endorsed by our Cattaraugus County Department of Health. 

Isolation:  Individuals who test positive for COVID 19 will be required to isolate for a minimum of five (5)  days regardless of vaccination status.  Further isolation of up to 10 days will be required IF symptoms persist.

Quarantine:  Quarantine periods for individuals exposed to COVID 19 are as follows

  1. If unvaccinated :  quarantine for five (5) days.
  2. Fully vaccinated, eligible for a booster, but not yet boosted: Zero (0) days.  The individual may attend school but may not participate in extracurricular activities.
  3. Fully vaccinated and boosted, or not eligible for a booster: Zero (0) days.

Change in Contact Tracing:    The standard contact tracing procedures we have experienced are being discontinued in most, if not all, counties making up the Western New York region.  Individuals should not expect to get contact-traced.  Some counties are implementing self-attestation, or self-verification forms to complete, that indicate you are well enough to return to school or work.  Other counties are still generating county-wide Release of Quarantine notices.  

Please follow these steps:

  • If you tested positive with an at-home test, you are being asked to submit results electronically to your county health department website.  The district will not require PCR testing as a follow up. 
  • You will be asked to complete a self-attestation (verification) statement for the county health department, OR you will receive a Release of Quarantine Notice, depending on the county you live in.  Either of these documents are intended to verify you are well enough to return to school or work,  AFTER the five-day period has expired. 
  • Please provide this self-attestation statement or a communication from the health department to your school nurse if you are a student, or to your immediate supervisor if you are an employee,  before returning to school or work.   If you are not feeling better, you should NOT return to school or work until symptoms have improved.

Please be patient with changes and understand that everyone is doing their very best.