Capital improvement projects—both current and proposed—dominated discussion at the regular meeting of the Pioneer Board of Education November 2.

Jeff Nunn of architects Gordon Jones Associates reviewed the current renovations, which began last spring and will continue through Fall 2022.

Mr. Nunn updated progress on the high school roof replacement, which is to be completed in 2022. A marquee entrance and expanded foyer is being added to the high school. The auditorium stage is also getting a 20-by-50 foot LED scenery display.

ABOVE: An architect's rendering shows a view of how the high school foyer should appear after renovations.

Work on the aud stage will be paused soon so that concerts can be held there starting in November, as well as for the high school musical coming up in the first part of March.

Physical education locker rooms are being replaced at the high school, and new hallway tile is being installed to match that of the 2015 science and performing arts additions.

Mr. Nunn said vinyl tile was installed in place of carpeting in 53 rooms at Delevan Elementary along with new air handling equipment for the gymnasium. 

In the next phase of the project, the rest of the high school roof will be finished, flooring will be replaced at Arcade Elementary, and work will commence at the middle school. The work there will focus on the library media center and classrooms for Art and Food and Consumer Sciences. 

Pioneer School District voters approved the current $21.2 million project in June 2020. 

Mr. Nunn also shared a proposed new round of capital improvements to go before voters in Spring 2022. Under the plan—which is based on building condition studies—the high school auditorium would be refurbished from the stage to the rear entrance, and needed improvements to the turf stadium are also planned. 

Various upgrades to all four buildings are potentially part of the proposal. The board is scheduled to shape the plan in early 2022.

Assistant Superintendent Nick Silvaroli said it is anticipated that any new round of improvements would have a zero taxpayer impact.