school reopening

For the start of 2021-22, Pioneer School District's goal will be provide as normal a school experience as possible—with students in attendance five days a week—while utilizing layers of mitigation against COVID-19.

Superintendent Ben Halsey shared that message in an automated call to the Pioneer School District on Aug. 19: 

"Today, I am calling to inform our community that our Start of School Year Plan has been posted on our website and school app. The plan is a simplified summary of expectations as it relates to managing the current state of the pandemic. I ask that you please review it at your convenience.

"I had hoped, all along, that this fall would be the time we return completely to normal for our school experience. But as we learn in life, sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan, and that’s okay.

"The main focus of our district this fall, is that we are back in session for all students, five days per week, with full days of attendance. Our buses will run to capacity. Additionally, we will offer all district programs before and after school, including sports and clubs. The community use of our facilities will also be available as normal.

"In order to accomplish this, we must implement a masking procedure that asks all staff and students to wear a mask on the bus, during transitions around the buildings, and when not able to social distance. This protocol is very similar to how we began last school year; however, we are further ahead by operating as normal a school operation as we can for our student experience this fall.

"The traditional parent – student orientation is set for Tuesday, September 7, and our first day of classes is Wednesday, September 8. We look forward to a great school year and thank you for your patience and understanding."