superintendent robocall

Text from Mr. Halsey's automated message, sent Saturday, June 19, at 10:15 a.m.:

Good morning, Pioneer, this is Superintendent Ben Halsey calling, and I am sorry to bother you this Saturday morning. I did want to get a message out to everyone with some clarity as I understand that the change of direction has put some burden on families that I completely understand.

Our [new] hybrid model is different than the hybrid model we were at earlier in the school year. The hybrid is that those students who need to come to school because they need to finish work, take an exam, turn in items, gather belongings, or if a family--simply because of the short notice--does not have safe & proper childcare in place for your child. You are able to send your children to school, as our buses will run and all of our staff will be working their assignments for the remainder of the school year. So you do have a safe & appropriate option to send your children to school, if you do not have proper childcare.

The hybrid piece is, there are families that do not need to send their kids to school, as they have achieved substantial completion of all their work assignments, they have gathered their belongings and therefore, that is the hybrid model. 

I hope this will provide clarity. The buses will run their normal times. We will run our schedule for those students who will be attending for the remaining few days that are left. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you.