Absentee ballot list posted for 2021 district election

Pioneer School District voters will go to the polls Tuesday, May 18, to elect two school board members and decide on a general fund budget for 2021-22.

The rules for absentee ballots have changed: 

  • Permanently disabled voters will automatically be mailed a ballot to their home. 
  • Absentee ballot lists must be open to public inspection by any qualified voter. These lists are maintained in the district clerk's office and posted at the polling site on the day of the vote. 
  • Any qualified voter in the district may challenge a person’s qualifications to vote either prior to or on the day of the vote, Tuesday, May 18, by 5:00 P.M., by submitting their challenge and the reason they are challenging the particular voter’s qualifications to vote, to  cbartoszek@pioneerschools.org

The current list of absentee voters