Low & moderate risk sports move to January

The Executive Committee of Section VI has voted to postpone the start date for the winter season’s low and moderate risk sports to January 4. 

In a Dec. 8 meeting, the committee paused boys & girls bowling, rifle, indoor track, boys swim and skiing from the previously chosen date of December 14.

Pioneer has teams in air rifle, indoor track, boys swimming and bowling.

“It’s clear to all of us on the committee that pausing at this time is the most responsible act we can take,” stated Section VI President, Brett Banker. “It is our responsibility to mesh our actions with that of district leaders who are trying desperately to get students back in their buildings in a responsible fashion.”

The section had originally moved low and moderate risk sports from the state guidance of a November 30 start to December 14 out of an abundance of caution. The move now aligns all winter sports to the January 4 date.

“Our focus remains doing everything in our power to create seasons for our students,” continued Banker. “Creating opportunities for kids is what motivates us and demands our attention. People are working extremely hard toward that goal.”