Superintendent: We ask patience as school is reinvented

At the dawn of the 2020-21 school year, Pioneer School District is asking parents, students, and community members for kindness, patience and flexibility as we navigate unprecedented times. 

In an automated call to the community, superintendent Benjamin Halsey said Pioneer will follow the plan it filed with the state to reopen school. However, the plan may need to be altered along the way.

"Whether your child is starting with orientation, or actually attending classes, I'm sure it's going to be an experience like none other," he said. "But we will get through it. And it will be a rewarding experience when we come out of this on the other end.

"Pioneer is an exceptional place, with exceptional employees, working with the best families and students in the area," Mr. Halsey said. "I'm confident that with collaboration, we will get through this."

Like all of the region's schools, Pioneer has been closed since March 13 after the pandemic hit.