Music suite construction

Summer 2019 was a key time for progress in Pioneer School District's current capital improvement project. 

The $10 million project was approved by voters in July 2018. Work began shortly before the end of the 2018-19 school year. 

Director of Buildings and Grounds Nicholas Titus provided the following on what's been done and what's yet to come: 

Delevan Elementary

  • The drop-off circle has been completely rebuilt along with the parking lot in front.  The sidewalks have been replaced and snowmelt tubing was installed in the sidewalks from the drop-off circle close to the playground stretching all the way around to School Street. The new parking lot configuration in front of Delevan created an additional 20 parking spots. Drainage has been added and improved from the drop off circle as well as the parking lot.
  • Drainage has been added to the playground area.
  • The bus lane sidewalks have been rebuilt with snowmelt tubing stretching from School Street to the loading dock.  They also patched the asphalt along Olmstead Ave. in the bus lane.
  • Delevan sidewalks

  • The loading dock has been updated.  There is a new concrete slab as well as a new ceiling in place.  The contractor also fixed the brick on the pillar at the dock and the bricks around the dock.
  • The mechanical contractor continues to work in Delevan replacing the burners and controllers on the boilers and tying in the snow melt system.

Arcade Elementary

  • The heat pump loop for the heating and cooling system has been overhauled to make the heating and cooling more efficient.  The work was very involved and required removal of ceilings throughout the building to get to the piping.  Most of the classrooms were impacted.
  • The mechanical contractors are continuing to work on the heating components of the system including adding an additional boiler.  They are also working to tie in the existing snow melt system that runs through the sidewalks at the bus lane in Arcade.
  • Numerous plumbing upgrades have taken place.

Pioneer Middle School

  • The contractors have the practice rooms built.  They have also reconfigured a classroom and office space in the E-wing to accommodate the upgraded Music Suite practice rooms.
  • A set of boys and girls bathrooms were eliminated as part of the project. The faculty bathrooms in the E-wing are now student bathrooms, and new faculty bathrooms are under construction.  
  • The contractors are erecting steel and will continue to work on the Music Suite constructing the walls, floors and an additional practice space.  The target completion date is late October.
  • The Middle School kitchen has seen an upgrade as well.  The area has been reconfigured to fit a new freezer as well as a new cooler.

Pioneer High School

  • The temperature controls contractor is currently working to replace the building control system in the building.  The control system replacement will continue throughout the school year.
  • The servery in the cafeteria will be updated this fall during one of the breaks.
  • Parking lot patch work and catch basin replacement has taken place at both the High School and Middle School.