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The Pioneer Board of Education approved a slightly scaled-back version of the 2019-20 general fund budget at its regular meeting April 9.


Assistant superintendent Nick Silvaroli had previously proposed a $57,316,941, with a difference of $368,545 from the budget proposed in January by Gov. Cuomo.  With the final approval of the state budget on March 31, the State Legislature restored $294,249 to Pioneer’s state aid.


Mr. Silvaroli said that left Pioneer with a gap of $74,293, which he said will be closed with a 1.0 budgetary adjustment in staff at Arcade. He said a kindergarten teacher position will not be restaffed, based on anticipated enrollment in that grade. He shared related enrollment figures.


That leaves Pioneer with a general fund budget of $57,242,648, with a change in spending of $1.16 million or 2.07 percent.


The change in the tax levy is 1.86 percent, or the same as the state’s property tax cap for Pioneer.  Tax rates per $1000 on a $100,000 full value assessment range from $12.77 to $13.32, depending on the value of new assessments in the district and how the STAR exemption is applied.


A public hearing on the budget happens on May 7 at the high school, and the annual budget vote/school board election happens Tuesday, May 21, from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


Mr. Silvaroli's presentation