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Pioneer High School AP Biology students recently performed a four-hour Genetic Engineering Lab within a college lab room setting at the Life Sciences Learning Center at the University of Rochester.


ABOVE: Pioneer AP Biology students of Mr. Kirk Winters enjoyed their trip to the University of Rochester for an advance genetics lab exercise.


Students learned from current knowledge on how the involvement of Genetic Engineering is being used for the alteration of genetic material in living organisms. The procedures that they performed have many applications – from the design of gene therapy vectors to the production of proteins like insulin and human growth hormones.


The Life Sciences Learning Center uses laboratory simulations to illustrate the over-the counter (OTC) drug development process. During this engaging case study, students learned how basic science can be used to develop a new OTC drug to determine the effective dose of the OTC drug. 

Teacher Kirk Winters said students also learned that clinical research can provide insight into effectiveness, and potential adverse side effects of OTC drugs. They then learned about using immunoassays to determine the effectiveness and safety of potential OTC drugs, and they also learned about the marketing of drugs to consumer


ABOVE: Sydney Wiseman, left, and Jami Smith expanded their learning horizons on a field trip to the University of Rochester on April 5.


Students who took part included: Julia Brzezicki, Alex Buncy, Tomi Cordz, Justin Drennan, Rachel Empie, Emily Frazier, Nicole Hibsch, Madison Lotempio, Kelsey Matuszak, Jami Smith and Sydney Wiseman.