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Planning has already begun for the 2019-20 budget, the Pioneer Board of Education learned at its Nov. 6 regular meeting. 


Assistant superintendent Nick Silvaroli said budget development information has been provided to building administrators and department heads. Based on their input, the 2019-20 budget can be fashioned over the first three months of 2019.


Prior to the regular board meeting on Jan. 22, the district will hold its annual Public Budget Input and Informational Forum at 5:30 p.m.


Mr. Silvaroli said the district will get its first look at the governor's budget proposal in January, and will be reviewed at the board meeting on Feb. 5.  There will be presentations on budget categories at that meeting as well as the two March meetings, he added.


Final adoption of the 2019-20 budget is scheduled for April 16. A budget heading and introduction of Board of Education candidates will be held May 7, with action on the budget by district voters on May 21. 


Mr. Silvaroli presented board members with the budget calendar  so that they have an idea of all the steps in the process.