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3D printing is opening up a whole new world of learning possibilities for Pioneer Middle School students, the Board of Education learned at its Nov. 6 regular meeting.

passing out gifts  

ABOVE: Middle school library media specialist Amanda Racitano distributes 3D-printed Panthers to the Board of Ed.


Teacher Gio Lobianco and library media specialist Amanda Racitano discussed the middle school's 3D printing capabilities, both in the classroom and during after-school MakerSpace time. The high school has been printing in 3D for several years.


Mr. Lobianco explained how staff and students collaborated last spring to design and print the school's first 3D yearbook for a visually impaired classmate. The yearbook contained bas-relief versions of student and staff faces, as well as Braille messages for the student. 


Another such collaboration was a 3D map of the middle school/high school campus, using one of two new printers purchased this year. Mr. Lobianco thanked the board for its support.


Mrs. Racitano presented board members with small panther statues and explained the various types of plastic, the processes involved in 3D printing, and and the online design community that makes many projects available for free.



ABOVE: The Board of Ed members each received a 3D printed panther.


Mr. Lobianco said a goal of the program is to someday have students design their own projects and print them out, "keeping in mind that mistakes are a part of the process."