Dell Education Purchase Program

One of Pioneer's technology partners, Dell, offers discounts to students, teachers, staff and families on personal purchases. These discounts apply to systems, monitors, headsets and more. Refer to this page regularly for the latest offers.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I access Dell Education Purchase Program Discounts?

Member discounts are built into the Pioneer member site and no logins or codes are required. If you're on your member site, you can simply add items to your cart and checkout knowing you have best pricing.

Q: What is the value of the program?

In addition to discounted prices, Dell Education Purchase Program offers early access to large scale sales, member exclusive sales, a 10% Electronics and Accessories Coupon, price matching, and a dedicated team to answer any questions on personal purchases.

Q: Is this program for employees only?

Not at all! Our program extends to students, families, your relatives and friends. Even better, they don't need your assistance to shop online. If you share the link with them, they can shop and checkout on their own time.