Make Studying a Habit

Studying needs to become a habit and there are many things a parent can do to help children develop this habit. To most people, getting into the study habit does not come naturally. Developing a habit takes work and time. The development and support of good study habits is crucial to success in school.

Your student will need:

  • A quiet place to study
  • A clean, clear workspace
  • Needed school supplies – pens, pencils, ruler, markers, etc.
  • Organized folders and notebooks
  • Daily agenda, checked regularly

How to make studying the most beneficial

Decide with your family and children what the best time is to study. This should be the same time everyday. If there is not any homework one night, use that time to review or to read.

Keep interruptions to a minimum. No phone calls, no long snack breaks, no TV, and no chatty visits with other family members. Plan for study breaks. Set a timer to go off every twenty minutes for the break and set it again for the end of the break.

How parents can help every day:

  • Make sure your child is at his or her study place at the same study time
  • Maintain quiet in the house during study time
  • Check your child’s agenda for assignments and any notes from the teacher
  • Check in on your child, give them encouragement
  • Prioritize assignments with your child
  • Check over any work your child asks to have checked

How parents can help every week:

  • Sit down with your child and help him or her to organize and clean out folders and notebooks.