Why Middle School Counselors?

Internal changes, coupled with the challenges of the outside world, reinforce the goal of middle school counselors to teach students skills to help them through this difficult stage of life and to use these skills on a daily basis. To accomplish this, middle school counselors provide and carry out a comprehensive counseling program that focuses on the uniqueness of students in three areas of development — academic, career, and personal/social.

What do we do?
  • Individual counseling for students regarding family, academic, behavioral, and social issues
  • Group Counseling which includes: Family Change, study skills, goal setting, peer issues, social skills, anger management, and conflict resolution
  • Referrals to outside services for counseling
  • High School Planning and Career Exploration
  • Provide Academic Assistance and Grade Reporting
  • Act as a parent resource by providing support

You can also view other opportunities available through the Counseling Center by clicking on our Counseling Center Brochure.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment. Students are assigned a counselor according to their last name. Please see the following list of counselors along with their contact information. We can also be reached through email by clicking on the name of the person you would like contact.

Students A-K Students L-Z Counseling Center Secretary
Mrs. Kim Boberg Ms. Lynne Roth Mrs. Debbie Franklin
(716) 492-9382 (716) 492-9381 (716) 492-9380