Throughout your child’s years at the Pioneer Middle School many physical and psychological changes are happening. During these years, middle school students are moving from childhood into adolescence as characterized by:

  • Being very active, yet easily fatigued due to rapid physical growth 
  • Searching for their own unique identity, turning more toward their peers rather than to their parents for ideas and affirmations
  • Being extremely sensitive to comments from others
  • Relying heavily on friends to provide comfort, understanding, and approval
  • Being uneven and inconsistent in their growth
  • Fear of looking different from their friends / need for peer approval
  • Roller-coaster emotions and extreme reactions
  • Still needing parents to provide limits for behavior. For example: bedtime, curfew, check homework
  • Still needing parents to be informed of child’s social activities such as knowing the phone numbers of friend’s homes, communicating with friend’s parents about supervision of activities