Enjoy your visit to Pioneer Central School.
Please set a positive example for our students.

Visitors are welcome to the Pioneer Central School facilities to observe the work of students, teachers and other staff or for other school related meetings. However, limits have been set for such visits.The building principal is responsible for all persons in the buildings or on the grounds.

  1. All visitors must sign in at the greeter’s desk upon arrival at the school, and obtain the proper guest pass.
  2. Visitors attending school functions that are open to the public, such as open house and parent conferences, are not required to register.
  3. Parents or citizens wishing to observe a classroom while school is in session must arrange the visit in advance with the classroom teacher.
  4. Teachers are not expected to take class time to discuss individual matters with visitors.
  5. Any unauthorized person on school property will be reported to the principal and will be asked to leave. If the situation warrants, the police will be summoned.

Visitors who violate the Pioneer Code of Conduct will be directed to leave the premises. If they refuse, they will be ejected. The district reserves the right to pursue a civil or criminal legal action against any person violating the code.


In order to maintain public order and prevent the abuse of the rights of others, Pioneer asks members of the public to refrain from prohibited conduct on school property, such as:

  • Actions that are intended to injure another person or damage school/personal property
  • Activities that are meant to disrupt the orderly conduct of classes
  • Distributing or wearing materials that are obscene, advocate illegal action, appear libelous, or obstruct the rights of others
  • Intimidating, obstructive, or harassing behavior
  • Possessing, consuming, selling, or distributing alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
  • Possessing or using weapons.
  • Smoking
  • Skateboarding
  • Loitering
  • Damaging or littering school property
  • Violation of any laws including parking and traffic statutes

Guide to Public Conduct on School Property