Pioneer Central School takes great pride in its facilities and considers ourselves fortunate to have them. Pioneer is mindful of your interest in using them and has formulated some guidelines for all to follow. Please respect them and use them safely.

Artificial turf, concession stand and stadium rules

  • Failure to follow the rules and policies of the Yorkshire-Pioneer Central School District for use of the high school and its turf sports field may result in forfeiting use of our facilities.

  • Use of sports drinks prohibited on the turf field (water only)

  • No peanuts or sunflower seeds or food of any kind is allowed on the turf

  • No spitting, use of tobacco products or gum chewing allowed on the turf

  • Footwear having plastic or rubber cleats of no more than ½ inch in length, and other conventional running shoes having spikes of not more than ½ inch in length, are allowed

  • Pick up all trash around sports teams and cheerleaders areas

User fees and applications

  • All applications for use must be directed through the athletic department office (716-492-9061)

  • Proof of insurance must be provided with use application

  • $30.00 per man hour will be charged per activity. Staff needed will be determined by the district

  • A county health permit is required for use of the concession stand. The permit must be posted during the activity being represented by the permit. All concession stand rules must be followed

  • $50.00 will be charged for use of the concession per activity