Pioneer Central School District Staff Guidelines for Acceptable Technology, Internet and Email Use

Staff should also be aware that communication over a network is frequently recognized as public by its very nature. Therefore, general rules and standards for professional behavior and communications will apply at all times. In an effort to maintain system integrity and to ensure responsible use, files and communications can be monitored. Staff should not under any circumstances expect that messages or files that are created, modified, transmitted, received, or stored on organizational equipment are private. All email and information contained on the District’s computer systems are subject to auditing, FOIL requests and discovery proceedings related to legal actions.

The following statements guide acceptable staff use of Technology, Internet and Email resources:

  1. All employees must sign a valid Employee Acceptable Use Policy agreement that affirms that they acknowledge and agree to abide by all organizational policies, guidelines, and procedures that govern computer, network, Internet, email and information use.
  2. Any mistreatment, damage or waste of resources, equipment or facilities (e.g., storing personal data on the District’s network.) is not allowed.
  3. Staff may not employ the network or District email system for personal gain or commercial purposes.
  4. The safety and integrity of the network is everyone’s responsibility. Contact ITS immediately if viruses, mal-ware or other suspicious programs are detected. Introducing or downloading anything that threatens the integrity of the network is a violation of this Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. Employees shall not access any other email account or system (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, etc) via the District’s network. Personal accounts and instant messaging shall not be used to conduct official business.
  6. Staff may not write, use, send, post, publish to a website, download, or display obscene, threatening, harassing, or otherwise offensive messages or pictures, including pornography.
  7. The District equipment or network may not be used for any illegal activities, including the violation of copyright laws and software piracy. Employees will honor all copyright laws and report any instances of illegal copying, downloading or sharing.
  8. Installation of software and programs will be performed by authorized ITS staff only. Downloading or copying software or other programs from district computer systems is not allowed.
  9. Passwords are confidential, do not ask for or share your password with others. Hacking or attempting to trespass into anyone else’s folders, documents, or files is forbidden.
  10. Employee agrees to take all steps reasonably necessary to protect all confidential information, and to prevent the confidential information from falling into the public domain or into the possession of unauthorized persons.