Arts and Crafts Activities
This website provides several different activities for you and your family to engage in. There are reading, writing, math, science, visual, and other arts and crafts that are fun for elementary and middle school aged children to engage in!

Additional Fine Motor and Gross Motor Activities and Resource
This is an online resource used by special education teachers, pediatric occupational therapy, and pediatric physical therapy. This site provides great fine motor and gross motor activities for you and your child to engage in!

Fun Ways to Practice Handwriting

Gross Motor Activities

Printable Worksheets for Grades Pre-K to 6th
This website has several different worksheets to work on handwriting and classroom related subjects.

The Development of Pencil Grasps
This website provides a nice overview about different hand grasps that you may see your child use.

*Not all children follow the emergence of different grasps like their peers, so do not worry if your child uses different grasps than shown! You can always support and encourage your child to begin using more refined grasps as they continue practicing their handwriting skills.

Transitional Services Information
This link connects you to the Pioneer Central School's Special Education Transitional Services Page.

YouTube Gross Motor Videos
By searching "gross motor activities" on YouTube, these videos will provide you with some fun activities to have you and your child engage in!

*changing the search terms to "gross motor activities for kids" might also help narrow your results