Regents Preparation
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(Office of Adult Career and Continuing Educational Services-VR, formerly known as VESID)

The ACCES-VR counselor associated with Pioneer School District is Judith Nannen and she can be reached at 716-848-8068.

ACCES-VR (Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-VR) offers access to a full range of services that may be needed by persons with disabilities through their lives. Through its administration of vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs, ACCES-VR coordinates policy and services relating to:

  • Transition services or students with disabilities from school to adult services;

  • Vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities, ages 16 and older;

  • Independent living services for people with disabilities of all ages; and

  • Employer Services for hiring a qualified diverse workforce.

The seeds of adult success are sown during the school years. The system established by the Board of Regents to administer education and vocational services for people with disabilities fosters this and has evolved into a national model, designed to focus on our customers and produce results.

(excerpt taken from below website 7-16-2010)


WNY Collegiate Consortium and Disability Advocates
***A MUST visit for the college bound student with a disability. This group was originally formed to address the needs of students with disabilities on WNY college campuses, and has expanded its focus to include the preparation of students with disabilities for the transition from high school to college. (Kathy Hoffman) 

**There are many valuable links for teachers, parents, and students at this site.

Allegany ARC
A resource and career opportunity center

Disability Alliance of WNY
The Developmental Disabilities Alliance of Western New York (DDAWNY) is a collaborative group of member voluntary agencies that provide services to people with developmental disabilities. While honoring individual agency missions, it is the intent of the Alliance to assist agencies to develop relationships, promote unified strategies and share risks for the mutual gain with and for the benefit of people with developmental disabilities.

Suburban Adult Services

Schwab Learning
A parent's guide to helping kids with learning difficulties. By providing information, guidance, and encouragement to parents, teachers, and children, Schwab Learning helps families and teachers work together to positively affect the lives of kids with learning difficulties.  

Parent to Parent
This group is for parents of children with any disability and all the people who care about them. A local group has formed (Pioneer Area Parent Support Group)to serve the Pioneer School District. 

Ayisha Wells
Home 716-492-4002
Cell 352-874-6099  

How to...
Does your child or student wonder "How to _____" often? Search this site for simple step by step "How to" guides.

Watch Know Learn
Is free and holds many short useful videos, even for resource teachers. But the subjects are endless for core subjects (embed in PowerPoints?) and even those who teach life skills. 

Khan Academy
Many of you are preparing students for exams associated with content they are not currently enrolled in. While looking for a training program for a student, I stumbled upon this website. It may serve as yet another resource to help students prepare for outstanding regents exams. This provides another source for studying content using another tool aside from and the excellent resources many of our CTs and resource teachers have placed on their websites. 

This resource allows you to analyze areas that require more practice and then directs the student to that practice. As you see below, go to the "learn" tab and choose the title most appropriate. Under those titles, you will find subtitles for associated units/topics. There are videos available as well as practice materials. 

All materials are aligned to the Common Core and you can even establish an account that will allow you to track student progress and identify gaps in understanding so that review can be more meaningful. 

For a brief summary ----->

Look under "coach" for teacher resources and guidance in using the site.  

National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center 

NSTTAC Objectives

  • Assist State Education Agencies with collecting data on IDEA (2004) Part B State Performance Plan Indicator 13 and using these data to improve transition services;

  • Generate knowledge that provides a foundation for states to improve transition services that enhance post-school outcomes;

  • Build capacity of states and local educational agencies to implement effective transition education and services that improve post-school outcomes; and

  • Disseminate information to state personnel, practitioners, researchers, parents, and students regarding effective transition education and services that improve post-school outcomes.

Source: NSTTAC website Nov 2014 North Carolina State University  

Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology
Learn about needed technology in the workplace... 

How to Establish a Partnership between Teachers and Parents
This is one wonderful resource for parents and teachers alike. Information on the above noted topic is available in addition to many others on the website entitled: SPECIAL EDUCATION GUIDE.

Other topics include: Early Intervention, Specific Disability Profiles, a special education dictionary, and information on IEPs, development of IEPs and behavior management.  

Practice with Algebra
Need some practice as you prepare for the regents exam?  

How 2 Go
A guide for students Middle School through grade 12 (grade by grade steps on what to do) with advisement on how to make college a reality!