Community Use of Pioneer Facilities

Yorkshire Pioneer Central School District encourages and invites the community to use our school buildings and grounds. Our facilities are second to none! We are proud to support many public and community activities and functions throughout our district.

The district’s facilities are in constant demand and the need for communication, coordination and scheduling for the many activities is increasing year after year. In order to align school capabilities with the need of our community participants, we have implemented a procedure policy for regulations and scheduling of fees for use of buildings and grounds. Policies related to building use

All building use requests must be made a minimum of two weeks or fourteen (14) working days in advance notice of the activity. The district needs this time to process and approve your request. The completed form should be submitted to the main office of the building in which the activity will take place. Any activities involving use of athletic fields, gymnasiums or the swimming pools must be submitted to Joellen Morey, located in the district office. Your activity should not start before your request has been approved by the superintendent of schools.

All building use requests MUST include a certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance should indicate General Liability coverage of $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 aggregates as a minimum. The Yorkshire Pioneer Central School District must be named as additional insured on the certificate. It is recommended that the wording be “Yorkshire Pioneer School District and its employees, interim administrators, authorized volunteers and committee members, student teachers, auxiliary instructors and members of the Board of Education are hereby named as Additional Insured”. Simply stating “proof of insurance” or “certificate holder” may cause a denial in your request. Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to Nick Silvaroli, Business Administrator/Assistant Superintendent at 716-492-9303.

Yorkshire Pioneer School District has implemented building and grounds user fees. Activities that are held after 9:30 pm on school days or on days that school is not in session, will be subject to user fees to cover the cost of additional custodial staff hours or other special needs. A copy of the Building and Grounds User Fees is attached.

We are proud to support the many public and community activities and functions throughout the year and appreciate your support and cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures, please feel free to contact Joellen Morey at 716-492-9301.