Activities recommended by teachers to help prepare your child for Kindergarten
The following activities help to develop skills and promote success as well as self confidence in children. With each success comes an increased willingness to participate and learn with eagerness.

Building Fine Motor SkillsNo need to purchase equipment, just use everyday household items.

Common Skills Addressed by Occupational Therapy
This document is a list of common skills and definitions that OT practitioners address with various students.

*This list is not all inclusive, if you have questions regarding the terms within this paper or others not defined, please contact one of the Department's Occupational Therapists or Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants. 

Why an OT selects Specific Activities for Intervention
This document explains why an OT will select different types of activities for their intervention and provides an example of how a simple drawing and writing activity may be used for a student with difficulties with fine motor skills and handwriting.