Pioneer Central Schools believe that learning is our first priority.

We believe that:

  • A student’s self-image is nurtured and developed through positive experiences from a strong academic, athletic and extracurricular activity program.

  • Only when the academic program is successful, can athletic and extracurricular activities make a positive contribution to the development of the whole student.

In support of our beliefs, Pioneer Central Schools provide Academic Intervention Services for all students who are struggling in any of their core area subjects. To maintain eligibility for any extracurricular activity, students who are deficient in their schoolwork must seek assistance from their teacher or attend the Academic Center for assistance immediately after school. Students who fail to report for assistance will be considered ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

The Pioneer Central School’s Academic Eligibility Requirement is as follows:

  1. Subject to limitations explained below, student participating in any non-credit bearing activity sponsored by the high school must maintain either a minimum average of 65% in each course or an overall average of 70% and have failed no more than one (1) subject for the previous ten week marking period. Non-credit bearing activities include, but are not limited to; dramas, musicals, interscholastic and intramural sports, clubs and senior trips. Students may not drop a course required for graduation in order to meet eligibility requirements.

  2. If a student becomes ineligible for activities, the student may engage in practices and rehearsals for those activities and may participate in official competitions, performances and/or off site activities during the period of ineligibility only if the student attends prescribed remediation in the Academic Advisement Center /HELP. The purpose of this center is to provide academic support for all Pioneer students. Students are to report NO later then ten (10) minutes past the dismissal time of the end of the high school day (2:05pm). A student who is late to assigned Academic Advisement will be considered absent for that day. The remediation period may be extended if the student does not meet these minimum requirements as outlined in this policy.

  3. Students assigned to Academic Advisement will be issued a daily written pass verifying their attendance. The pass will list the student’s name, date, and Academic Advisement teacher’s signature. The student will be responsible for presenting this pass to the extracurricular advisor or coach on the listed date. Failure to attend assigned Academic Advisement will result in exclusion from participation in club activity, practice, or contest that day.

  4. During a period of ineligibility, students who are participating in athletic and/or performing arts activities may waive, without jeopardy, a specified number of individual practices due to academic remediation requirements. Athletic coaches and performing arts directors may set minimum numbers of practices necessary in order to safely participate in those activities.

  5. Eligibility for first quarter will be based upon a student’s average from the previous fourth quarter or the final year average, whichever is greater. First quarter average will be used for winter activities and third quarter average will be used for spring activities. Re-entering students who return to school or new students entering Pioneer High School will use their complete ten-week grades as the basis for eligibility.

  6. In determining eligibility for the first quarter, summer school or summer tutorial grades will be included in calculating a student’s past school year’s fourth quarter grades. When summer school course work has been taken for remedial purposes, the student’s earned summer school final grade, if improved, will substitute for the grade earned by the students in the previous quarter in calculating the student’s overall grade average.

  7. In S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) and P/F (pass/fail) grading situations the U and F will affect the student’s eligibility.

  8. If requested, the eligibility for any student with and IEP would be reviewed with the Director of Special Education, and considered on an individual basis.

  9. Three (3) weeks after quarter grades have been issued, a student may be released from required Academic Advisement time if the student meets the following criteria:

  10. Confirmation is made by his/her teachers that adequate improvement has been made in the delinquent subject(s). This is obtained by circulating an Academic Eligibility Reinstatement Form signed by each of the student’s teachers. The signatures are not required for courses in which the student is no longer enrolled if that course was completed the previous quarter, or if the student is no longer enrolled in a course due to an approved drop from the course.

  11. Ineligible students must attend the after school Academic Advisement program during their ineligibility period. If after three weeks they are still deemed ineligible, they must continue in the school remediation program in order to participate in extracurricular activities.

It is important to all of us to keep regular and open communication with parents/guardians. If you have concerns, recommendations, ideas to share, please call, or stop in to see us.

William Weidner, Athletic Director, 716-492-9351

Mark Schultz, Principal, 716-492-9328