Q. Can I fit other electives into my schedule in addition to the Academy classes?
A. Yes, each year your schedule allows you to take two to three electives. The Academy requires 1 ½ to 2 electives each year so you will be able to fit in other electives.

Q. Can I leave the Academy if I change my career goals?
A. No, a commitment to the Academy requires you to follow the program throughout the three years.

Q. Is there a cost to join the Academy?
A. There is no cost to join the Academy.

Q. Do I have to take the classes for college credit?
A. No, but you are encouraged to take at least six college credits at a significantly reduced cost.

Q. Do I have to take the classes in the exact order as outlined in the brochure?
A. Yes, the classes will be scheduled in the order outlined in the program.

Q. What if I do not choose business as my college major?
A. Most of the college credit courses you take in the Academy will be generic enough to meet the basic requirements, as an elective, at many Colleges.

Q. Will I receive credit from the Social Studies department for the Economics course?
A. Yes, The Economics course will serve to fulfill the requirement.

Q. Will I receive a special endorsement on my diploma for being part of an Academy?
A. Yes, after successful completion of the Academy program, you will receive a Career & Technical Education (CTE) endorsement on your NYS Regent’s diploma.