Covid-19: A message from Superintendent Halsey
A message from Pioneer superintendent Benjamin Halsey:

During this challenging time with the public health crisis posed by COVID -19, the status of affairs is very fluid,  as we process the information coming in and procedures to be utilized.

Currently, as of Saturday, March 14, Pioneer Central Schools are open for Monday. However, the educational day and protocols may look differently for our students. The district team is working on procedures to meet the needs of our students in this order of priority:

1. Providing for continued support of the health and safety of our public
2. Continuing to provide student services (nutritional, emotional, and physical well being)
3. Continuity of educational services
4. Business Operations.

Social distancing strategies (the act of reducing group size and gatherings, and increasing physical distance from others) are being developed so to best facilitate the above priorities. Personal hygiene and staying home when sick REMAIN critical elements to this plan. As procedures are finalized, they will be shared.

I encourage all of us to work together, and to remain open-minded and calm. The Pioneer Community is an amazing and supportive community, and together we will manage this public health crisis in everyone’s best interest.

Benjamin A. Halsey