Superintendent Benjamin Halsey

  • ben halsey

    “Let’s Do This Right”

    Hello, Pioneer families and friends!  Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  I am sure you are like most of us when saying the year out loud. It causes you to stop and reflect for a moment…how did we get to 2018-2019? Time most certainly does not stand still.  It never has and it never will.  So with that being said, let’s embrace the school year, let’s embrace the challenge and let’s embrace the work.  Let’s do this!

    My theme for the school year will be founded on the simple phrase of, “Let’s Do This!” but with an added measure of certainty, and emphasis on quality.  I am going to ask that we as a district not simply embrace the year with the attitude of “Let’s Do This,” but rather, “Let’s Do This Right!”  To me, there is a distinct difference.  It is common and somewhat easy to do something.  It is important and essential that things get done and progress is made.  However, when you put the extra emphasis to do it right…the results change.  Dramatically. 

    To do things right means you have not only accomplished the task, but you were invested in it from start to finish.  You researched the situation, examined the possibilities, tested the results of a few solutions, and settled on a plan of completion that is thoughtful, thorough, and founded on quality results.  Long-lasting results.  This is the theme.  This is the practice we must adhere to as a school district.  We are far too established.  We have far too many exceptional facilities, exceptional programs, and exceptional people working here to accept anything other than… “Let’s Do This Right!”

    As your Superintendent, I will push Pioneer to accomplish our tasks with this approach.  I encourage you at home and in our community to approach the school year with the same philosophy.  Make this school year the most successful school year your household has ever experienced.  Do things, participate in things, and involve yourself in things that provide quality results for your child and your family.  If each of us produces a little something this school year that is of the best quality we have ever produced, collectively, the results for our children and the community will be extraordinary.

    The new school year is upon us…yes, 2018-2019.  Say it out loud one more time and then say out loud:  Let’s Do This Right!”  This will be our best year yet!

    Benjamin A. Halsey, Superintendent