Mary McCulloch, Kindergarten

  • Welcome to Kindergarten!!

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mrs. Mary McCulloch and this is my fifth year at Arcade Elementary. I live in Springville with my husband and two sons who are 11 and 6 years old. We spend a LOT of time outdoors at my house - if it weren't for rainy days, I don't think my laundry would ever get done! (just kidding.) I love music and not a day goes by that I don't hum, sing, or whistle while I work. I also enjoy reading, gardening, and mowing lawn. 
    In my classroom I strive to foster a love of learning in each of my students. It is my hope that my students are inspired to be curious and eager to explore new ideas. I'll make sure we have lots of laughter and fun in the process. :)
    Parents, be sure to take a few minutes out of each day to read to your child. As a mom, I completely understand how challenging it can be to find a few minutes in a busy day; but once the habit is in place, it becomes an easy and very enjoyable task. Encourage your child to notice the pictures and how the pictures go along with the text. A book can take you anywhere!! Where do you want to go? :)
    Have a Great Day!!  
    Mrs. McCulloch
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