• BusAt Delevan Elementary, we have three dismissal options for parents and students. 


    The first option is for your child to take the bus home. The Pioneer Central School District currently contracts with First Student for this service. Mr. Leonard Ciccarelli is the Head of Transportation and is always willing to address your concerns regarding the bus route or the performance of his drivers.  He may be contacted at (716) 492-1981.  For concerns relating to student behavior, please contact me, personally.  At approximately 3:30 each day our students load 12 buses.  If your child is to ride a different bus or the same bus to a different location in the morning or the afternoon, you must complete a bus pass or send in a written note ahead of time. 


    The second option is to be a “Walker.”  Students who live within a ¼ mile radius of Delevan Elementary may walk to school as long as a sidewalk is available.  At the end of day your child will be escorted by school personnel to the Delevan Public library if you live west of route 16.  If your child lives east of route 16, he/she will be escorted to the stop sign on School Street.  Parents may meet their child at these designated locations if they wish to walk them home.


    The third option is “Parent Pick up.” Registration forms for this option may be obtained thru Ms.Raines at the Greeter’s Desk and are returned to Mrs. Welch in the main office. The registered students are released from his/her classrooms at 3:25 and go to the auditorium where they will wait for an authorized adult to sign the child out. The following is a small list to help things run as smoothly as possible. 
    • Be polite and respectful
    • Cooperate with School Personnel by following all the procedures
    • Doors will open at 3:25
    • Be prepared to produce I.D. (anyone authorized to pick up child)
    • Park in designated parking lot or designated areas in the circle
     We understand that occasionally you may want to pick your child up at the end of the day. Ms. Raines will call for your child and request that you sign them out.  We discourage early release on a regular basis because our teachers instruct until the very last minute possible.  We also consider it a safety risk to have our front foyer congested with parents at the end of the school day.  Our goal is to make personal contact with every parent and child leaving the building.  Custody issues and orders of protection a part of our reality, I want to make absolutely sure that each child is going home with the adult they are supposed to.
Last Modified on November 7, 2013