Center for Positive Solutions

  •    Families and schools partnership
           Being a parent in today's world can be a challenging and stressful role.  Issues confronted by families and children can be very complex and sometimes solutions seem difficult to find.  The social and academic pressures that our children face are often new to us, and very different from our own experiences growing up.  We are all aware of the problems that children face outside of school can often affect the way that they function in school.  Likewise, problems that students experience in the school setting often have an effect on the family.  It is more important than ever for parents and schools to join together and work as a team in finding solutions to the challenges faced by families and children today. 
        The Center for Positive Solutions is a partnership between families and the Pioneer Central School District.  Our mission is to empower families by helping them recognize and use their strengths to make positive choices and set goals that lead to solutions to life's challenges.  We assist families through providing short-term counseling for individuals, couples, and families; linking families with community resources; and encouraging and supporting parents' involvement in their children's education. 

        Our free of charge and confidential services are provided by licensed mental health professionals, and are available to all families in the Pioneer school district. Hours are by appointment with evening and summer hours available.  
  • For appointment of Information call Kay Kilburn at 716-492-9485 | Email

Last Modified on March 13, 2018