Photography One and Two are classes designed to introduce traditional darkroom photography to students who have an interest in learning the tools and techniques of photography, based on the principles of art and design.  The emphasis is placed upon a creative rather than a technical approach to the subject.


    Photo 1 (1/2 credit), Photo 2 (1/2 credit)


    Materials needed for Photographty One and Two: A manual or automatic 35mm camera, spiral notebooks, a paper folder or small 3-ring binder.


    Photograpy Three and Four are classes that utilize scanners, digital cameras, and the internet to produce digital designs that stress composition, creativity, and craftsmanship.  Adobe PhotoShop and InDesign are the key progams that will be used to design thematic artworks.


    Photo 3 (1/2 credit), Photo 4 (1/2 credit)

    No materials are needed for Photo 3 & 4, but if you have a digital camera, it will be convenient.