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    File cabinet with filesWhere do you get your information about the global world in which you live?
    Be a skeptic, search out the truth. Think critically and make your opinions based on the facts of your research. We are skeptical on a daily basis when we are with friends, family & teachers, so why not view your schoolwork in the same manner? Who do you believe? Newspapers, web sites, television news, etc... What is the truth? If you are in a public place and see a crime committed with your own eyes, do you think you could sit in a courtroom and describe what happened? If you kept a diary of daily events and wrote about what you saw in your diary, your account would be an example of a primary source. What personal biases make there way into your description of the crime you saw? In today's world there are daily examples of misrepresentation, exaggeration, and all out untruths that we see. Just look at some of the latest cultural examples: how many products are new and improved or the fastest ever? Advertising is everywhere. Look at the craze of 'reality' tv shows, is it real? Look at print media, most pictures we see in print media are digitally enhanced, from Cosmo to parenting magazines the perfect looking man, woman or child is created. I mention these points to prove the need for a scientific approach in understanding the world. Observation, experimentation, recording & analyzing data, proving with facts, these are all tools we use to define 'truth'. When writing a document based essay, be aware of the perspective of the author of the documents, use their point of view to help you prove your arguement.



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