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    Science is everywhere, and understanding how it's a part of our daily lives can help give you a great foundation for success! Science can help give you a greater appreciation for the world and its inhabitants, a healthy dose of skepticism, strong problem-solving skills, and research know-how.  Just try to make an observation without using one of the 5 senses (science!) Do you enjoy movies and music?  Science played a part in creating those mediums and making them better.  Doctors study diseases so that they can discover new cures and treatments. Chemists bring you health and beauty aids - from the medicine you take to soaps and perfumes - to keep you feeling and looking your best. Agricultural scientists help bring fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables to your supermarkets. Science is involved in every aspect of your life. 
    So whether you are enrolled in my biology classes or my earth science classes, you can be sure to find many of your assignments and worksheets here as well as discovering that you too might have a passion for science!