Classroom Rules & Policies



    (1) Be on time.  Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.


    (2) Follow directions the first time given.


    (3) Be prepared for class.  Bring your books, pens, paper, homework etc. to class everyday.


    (4) Raise your hand or wait to be recognized before speaking.

    (5) Use pencil sharpener, hole punch, garbage, etc. before class begins to avoid disrupting the class.
    (6) Do not ask for lavatory or locker passes during class time. Passes are issued for emergency situations only.
    (7) Treat all equipment (e.g. microscopes, instrumentation, glassware etc.) and classroom furnishings/materials (e.g. tables, desks, chairs, textbooks etc.) with proper care and responsibility.

    (8) Remain at desk until the bell rings.


    (9) Cabinets and drawers should not be opened unless specifically instructed to do so.

    (10) According to school policy “Cell Phones” and “Hats/Hoodies” are not permitted in the classroom.  Please keep phones and hats in your locker.  If a student is caught using a phone, in my classroom, the phone will be confiscated and handed over to a school administrator.
    (11) Upon entering the classroom "ipods/MP3 Players" must be turned off and the ear pieces removed.
    (12) All students will be made to feel at home, safe, and accepted in the classroom.  Ridicule and sarcasm are not welcome!