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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

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  • Rainforest Research Unit

    Rainforest Mammals

    Rainforest Reptiles

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  • Landforms PPT

    * This is for my classroom use only!*


    - We have gone through this powerpoint and in our assigned groups for research.  


    - Complete reserach on your designated landform. 


    - Each student in your group can print three pictures. You may use pictures from the powerpoint of your reading passage to use. 


    - Complete a posture giving the name of your landform, descriptions and pictures. 


    - Please remember CUPS & you best 5th Grade handwriting! :)   

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  • Landform Passages

    *This is for my classroom use only.*


    Students ~ 


    1.  Please open the document and scroll down to find the aticle that your group is researching. 


    2. Read the article on your tablet or with the paper version.


    3.  Answer the question on your paper copy. CUPS!


    4.  When complete - show me! :) 


    5.  Then turn in your paper copy when completed WITH your name on it to your homebase bin.  


    6.  Once your paper is turned in, you and your group members will be able to EACH find three pictures of your landforms to present on.  


    7.  Please print black and white to the B Wing Copier and color to the LMC Student copier.  The librarians can help you find that copier if you can't. 

    8.  Do your BEST job! We will be presenting on Monday.  

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