• Living Environment Laboratory Procedure and Grading Policy

    I. Lab Room Conduct:


    A. Laboratory is a required portion of the course.  Each student must have completed all labs in order to take the final exam in June.  Unsatisfactory labs must be brought up to standards before they are considered acceptable.  Lab makeup classes are available after school weekly.


    B. Each student is expected to follow the rules set forth in the Code of Conduct for All Students at Pioneer High School.  Failure to do so will result in various logical consequences.


    C. Each student will arrive on time and be prepared for class with a pocket folder, paper, lab, pencil, and a positive attitude.  On time is defined as in the room by the end of the bell, not running down the hall. 

    3 lates without a pass = a detention.


    D.  Each student is responsible for work missed due to illness or legal absence.  Times for make up work will be covered later.


                F. No hats, jackets, or walk-mans are to worn or used in the classroom.


    G. Students are expected to use proper manners, appropriate language, and respect towards themselves and others.


    H. You must inform the teacher prior to missing a class for a music lesson, field trip, or early dismissal.    You must hand in lab assignments before attending a lesson.


    II. Lab Activities


    A. Each student is required to participate in laboratory 2 out of every 6 day cycle.  At the end of each quarter, you lab grade will be forwarded to your classroom teacher where it will count for 15% of your Living Environment grade.


    B. It is essential for the safety of every individual that extreme caution be used.  Failure to abide by safety rules will result in disciplinary actions according to Project SAVE.


    C. Due dates will be clearly posted on the bulletin board near the door.  Late labs will be penalized 10 points per calendar day.  Bonus points may be awarded for work handed in early.


    D. Failure to hand in labs on time will severely lower your grade.  If labs are not in at the end of the quarter, you will be given an incomplete and assigned to AIS.  Once the labs are completed, you will receive an adjusted grade.  If the labs are not made up 5 weeks into the next quarter you will receive a 0% in lab fro the previous quarter.  Once you have caught up on your assignments, you may be removed from AIS.


    E. At the end of the year, if all labs are not satisfactory, you will receive a drop fail from the course and have to repeat the following year.  Summer school may be a option for some students owing labs.


    III. Makeup Work and Extra Help:


    A.     The C or D day opposite your lab class is set aside as an AIS study hall.  The lab is open for you to come down to make up back work or to get help on the assignments.  You may attend on a voluntary basis or be assigned on a regular basis.


    B. After school AIS will be available this year with one of the Living Environment instructors.  Listen to announcements for details as to when the lab is open each week.


    VI. Grading:


    A. Labs will be assessed using the following rubric.  Labs that score a 2 in any area will be deemed as unsatisfactory and returned to be fixed.  Resubmits must be completed by the following lab class.


    Lab Assignment Grading Rubric



    Exemplary (4)

    Competent (3)

    Needs Improvement (2)

    Poor Work (1)


    Pre-lab Questions/  Write Up

    Written procedures can be followed.  All questions are answered in complete sentences. Answers are correct and show critical reflection.

    Written procedures can be followed.  All questions are answered in complete sentences. Most answers are correct.

    Written procedures require more detail.  Some questions are answered and incomplete sentences exist.  Some answers are inaccurate.

    Written procedures cannot be followed.  Many answers are blank or have incomplete sentences. Many answers are inaccurate.


    Data and Graphs

    Data is accurately recorded in the table.  Graphs correctly represent the data.  Diagrams, in pencil, are highly detailed and labeled.  Observations are critical.

    Data is accurately recorded in the table.  Graphs correctly represent the data.  Diagrams, in pencil, are  moderately detailed and labeled.  Observations are meaningful.

    Data tables are incomplete.  Graphs do not show proper relationships.  Diagrams lack details and labels.  Observations lack meaning.

    Tables and graphs are missing.  Diagrams contain no detail and labeling.  Diagrams are not in pencil.  Observations are missing.


    Conclusion Questions

    Conclusion discusses major concepts that were learned and critically expanded on their explanations.

    Conclusion discusses major concepts that were learned, but lacks a critical eye.

    Conclusion is superficial and does not summarize the results.

    Conclusion does not sum up major points and is missing important portions of the activity.


    Work Quality/ Accuracy

    Work is complete, neat, ordered, and stapled.  Answers use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  Professional Look! Work throughout the activity is highly accurate.

    Work is complete, neat, ordered, and stapled.  Answers use proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Good appearance.  Work throughout the activity is accurate.

    Work is messy, more than 1 color pen is used.  Minor parts are missing or out of order.  Some errors are seen in punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  Messy appearance.  Work is  inaccurate

    Work is mutilated and messy.  Major parts missing.  Answers are in incomplete sentences.  Poor punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  Unacceptable look.  Work is highly inaccurate.



    B. Labs are designed to be completed during the lab period, but students may find it necessary to complete some portions of the assignments outside of class in order to hand them in on time.  


    C. Progress reports will be sent home to all students midway through each quarter.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s progress.  Please contact me early with any concerns at 716-492-9300 X1612 or via email.