• Living Environment Class

    Classroom Procedure and Grading Policy


    I. Classroom Conduct:


    A. Each student will arrive on time and be prepared for class with book, notebook, writing utensil, homework, and a positive attitude.  On time means by the end of the bell, not running down the hall. 

    3 lates without a pass = a detention.


    B. Each student is expected to follow the rules set forth in the Code of Conduct for All Students at Pioneer High School.  Failure to do so will result in various logical consequences.


    C. Laboratory is a required portion of the course.  Each student must have completed all labs in order to take the final exam in June.  Unsatisfactory labs must be brought up to standards before they are considered acceptable.  Lab makeup classes are available after school weekly.


    D. Each student will be assigned and be responsible for a textbook.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged books.


    E. Each student is responsible for work missed due to illness or legal absence.  You will have 3 days following an absence to make work or a 0 will be given.  Assessments are to be made up on your time.  Work missed due to an illegal absence or skip can not be made up and scored as a 0.


                F. No hats, jackets, or walk-mans are to worn or used in the classroom.


    G. Students are expected to use proper manners, appropriate language, and respect towards themselves and others.


    H. You must inform the teacher prior to missing a class for a music lesson, field trip, or early dismissal.    You must take quizzes or test and hand in homework before attending a lesson.


    II. Tests, Quizzes, and Projects:


                A. A unit test will be assigned upon the completion of each chapter.


                B. Announced and unannounced quizzes will also be given.


                C. There may be one or more projects assigned per quarter.   It will count as a test grade.


                D. Tests and projects will count for 45% and quizzes will count for 30% of your final grade.


    E. A comprehensive examination will be given at the end of quarters 1, 2, and 3.  Each of these assessments will count for 3 test grades.  These exams reflect what the final exam will be like.


    III. Homework:


    A. Homework is a necessary portion of the course to make concepts more permanent and enhance academic achievement.  Homework will be assigned for the week on Mondays and written on the front board.  No excuses will be accepted for not knowing the homework assignments.


    B. Homework is to be completed and ready to be handed in on the day that it is due.  Late assignments will not be accepted, even if they are in your locker.  If you are absent due to an illness, the homework is due the day you return.


    C. All homework that requires writing MUST be submitted in complete sentences.  Assignments that do not meet this expectation will be returned to be done over.  Good writing skills are essential to whatever path in life you choose.  Homework should be completed on loose leaf paper and be legible.  Word processing is also acceptable and preferred.  Each paper handed in should include your name, period, and assignment.


    D. Homework is a vital component of the educational process.  It will count for 10% of each quarter’s grade.


    IV. Laboratory:


    A. Each student is required to participate in laboratory 2 out of every 6 day cycle.  Student may be invited back to lab on a study hall day to complete back lab work.


    B. It is essential for the safety of every individual that extreme caution be used.  Failure to abide by safety rules will result in disciplinary actions according to Project SAVE.


    C. Lab write-ups are will be graded and account for 15% of your final average.  Due dates will be clearly posted.  Late labs will be penalized 10 points per calendar day.  Missing labs at the end of the quarter will severely lower your grade.


    V. Extra Help:


                A. Extra help is available during the day and after school depending on availability.


    VI. Grading:


                A. The following breakdown will be utilized to determine your quarter average:


                                        Tests/ Projects              45%                 Students are always aware of their

                                        Quizzes                        30%                 progress and averages.  Parents may

                                        Homework                   10%                 use Parent Connect.  It is updated

                                        Laboratory                   15%                 every Friday.



    B. The final average is determined by calculating the average of each of the four quarters and the final exam grade (ex: Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4 + Fexam/5 = Final Average)


    C. Progress reports will be sent home to all students midway through each quarter.  Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s progress.  Please contact me early with any concerns at 716-492-9300 X1612 or via email