Portfolio Review

    Competition is fierce for acceptance into college, scholarships, and the ultimate goal, a great job. Many students have the skills they need, but don’t know how to market them. Utilizing both an electronic and a hard copy portfolio process, this course will give students the tools and abilities they need to successfully win scholarships and ace college and job interviews. Interviewing and presentation skills will be heavily practiced so students can be confident walking into any setting where they need to strongly market their abilities. Sponsored by the Niagara Frontier Industry Education Council, completion of the Business & Education Employability Portfolio process provides students with insight into what successfully prepared employees look like. Once completed, this portfolio will tap students into a large network of area businesses who are potential career starters.



    By the end of this course, students will

    • Understand the soft skills necessary to be a successful employee
    • Identify and share work samples from high school which show evidence of employability skills
    • Prepare a portfolio containing examples of exemplary work
    • Participate in a portfolio interview/review with a local businessperson
    • Correctly complete a job application, develop a resume and prepare a letter of application.
    • Use internet sources to research careers and colleges and present information about them.

    Successfully use Microsoft Office software to prepare presentations, brochures, and attractively designed portfolios.



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    Job Application for Job Interview

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