Classroom Rules & Policies

  • Grading System:  Grading will be numerical (4, 3, 2, 1) on report cards.  There will be conferences on November 25 and 26. 

    Reading: We will be having whole group Read Aloud, Shared reading, small group, guided reading, and Reading Workshop.  Students will also have access to Raz-Kids where they can find countless books! Children are expected to read 10-15 minutes each night as well. 

    Math:  We will  work on addition and subtraction facts.  We will also routinely focus on mental math and word problems. Some other math content will include: place value, money, telling time, geometry, fractions, measurement addition and subtraction.

         **  Addition and subtraction facts to 20 should be memorized this year!  Please practice at home! **

    Spelling:  Weekly spelling lists will be sent home on Mondays and tests will be on Fridays.  Nightly spelling word review at home is expected. 

    Language/ELA Writing:  During the year we will be focusing on Writer' Workshop: students tell stories from their lives as best they can, through drawing, labeling, and writing. They will also focus on Persuasive Writing of all kinds. Students will craft: petitions, letters, and signs that rally people to address problems in their class, then school, then world. In Writing for Readers, students focus on getting more letters and words onto every page, editing their work and using increasingly conventional spelling.

    Handwriting:  Students will be expected to form letters and numbers properly and write neatly and legibly on all assignments. 

    Social Studies/ Science:  Social Studies, science and health will be taught during our ELA time, and will be expanded upon during Social Studies and Science time.

    Testing: Please expect weekly quizzes in: Math, Spelling and Reading.  At the end of each unit, we will have a unit test. Students will be thoroughly prepared, making this a rewarding experience.

    Homework Folder:  Your child should bring home his or her homework folder nightly. The Left side of the folder should hold homework and notes that need to be signed and returned to school.  Papers on the Right side of the folder should remain at home.

    Homework: Homework will be given Monday through Thursday nights. The homework menu activities will look the same each week, the words assigned with just change. A weekly homework sheet listing the assignments and boxes for signatures will be housed in your child’s homework folder. Please read and sign daily. Homework should take approximately 25 minutes.  If it takes much longer than that, please contact me!

    • Students will be expected to read for 15 minutes nightly.
    • Students should also expect to have math and/or spelling work. 
    • Behavior:  Each day the student will record in the day on the calendar with the appropriate color. This can be signed to show you have seen how the day went!

    Snack:  Our district is encouraging students to pack healthy snacks.  Each child should bring his or her own snack to eat daily.  Students will not be permitted to share their snacks with others due to allergy concerns. 

    Birthdays:  Your child may bring a special snack on his or her birthday if they wish to do so.  There are 8 students in the class. If the snack requires napkins and plates, please send them in.