Grading Policy


     As adults, we are awarded with money if, and when, we complete a task, such as work.

     In FACS you will be awarded with points for completing a task…. yes, it is work.

     Below is a list of how points are earned in FACS:

     Returned Classroom contract = 5 points
     Fully completed packets = 10 points 
     Reflection paper = 20 points
     Quizzes = 20 points
     Projects = 40 points
     Individual Labs = 5 points
     Classwork/Homework = 10 points


     75 % of your points are earned through hands-on activities

     There are many opportunities to receive extra points

    • Complete your task early and have met all the requirements.
    • Do extra tasks
    • Help a classmate
    • Do corrections
    • Meet with Mrs. Zacaroli for extra support


    Morning and Afternoon Home-base          Mon. Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri.

     Period 9 (12:15-12:44)                                     Tues. Wed. Thur. Fri.

     After-school till 3:15                                 By appointment or       Fri.