• Homework Policy
     Homework Policy
    Students in Algebra 1B and Manufacturing Math will receive homework every night. The homework will range from 1 to 10 math problems that will be based current and past content. The students will review past content to consistently prepare for the exam at the end of the year. 
    Homework will be graded out of three points, amount completed, amount of work shown and effort that was put into the assignment. There will be times that I collect the homework to grade it and other instances where I will walk around the room to check the homework. All homework assignments will be gone over at the beginning of class in order answer any questions that the students may have. 
    No late homework assignments will be accepted.  If a student is absent, they will have to collect the missed assignments and will have two school days to make up the missed work. It is the student's responsibility to make up the missed work.