Course Description/Objectives

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    Algebra 1B

    Students in Algebra 1B will be reviewing all of the content that they have learned in past Algebra classes. This class will deepen their current Algebra knowledge and apply it to real world situations. This course will prepare the students to pass the Common Core Algebra Exam in January and/or June.  
    Manufacturing Math

    Students in Manufacturing Math will work on a variety of basic mathematics topics that are used in the real world such as fractions, trigonometry, area, perimeter, and much more. Students will use their knowledge in this course to complete real world projects throughout the year. 
    Math Credit Recovery

    Students who are in Math Credit Recovery will be required watch the math videos and pass the quizzes at the end of each lesson. The students are expected to pass at least one quiz by the end of the class period. Students will be accountable for making sure that they make up any overdue quizzes in order to receive course credit by the end of the year.  
    Math AIS

    Students who are in AIS, will receive help on their current mathematics course. We will work together to increase their knowledge from the course that they are in.We will usually work on the students' homework and also extra assignments to reinforce the content. When it gets closer to the exams, I will help the students prepare for the Common Core Exam.